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Bandirran and Lochan Estate have been owned by the same family since the middle of the last century.


Bandirran is an inhand agricultural estate covering some 5000 acres of Perthshire countryside on the famous Sidlaw hills. The estate has some spectacular high ground, steep valleys and undulating contours providing some of the most sporting shooting in Scotland. Days of pheasants and or partridges can be tailored to individual teams requirements with the assistance of head keeper Jim Park. Next door to Bandirran estate is the fabled site of the infamous Macbeths castle. Bandirran is also rumoured to be one of the places that may still hide the stone of Scone which many believe was not returned to the English. The site of Dunsinane, Scone and Bandirran are known to have been of significant spiritual importance to the early Picts.

At Bandirran conservation plays a central role in the farming business and the shoot management and we have won several awards for hedgerows and environmental care. An essential element in the preservation of farming is to protect its natural assets – air, soil and water. Watercourses are buffered by grass margins which help to keep water clean as well as providing a rich habitat for wildlife.

Red squirrels, brown hares and grey partridges thrive on both Bandirran and Lochan estate. Care is taken to preserve and encourage habitats to suit these species, together with a programme of predator control.

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Lochan is situated 12 miles from the ancient town of Dunkeld, the home of Dunkeld cathedral which was the predecessor of an earlier church that was for a time the chief ecclesiastical site of eastern Scotland (a status yielded in the 10th century to St Andrews). Dunkeld is also the burial site of Charles Edward Stuart, Count Roehenstartthe grandson of Bonnie Prince Charlie via his daughter Charlotte Stuart, Duchess of Albany

Lochan consisits of 10,000 acres of high ground for both driven grouse and walked up over pointers. There are now three hill keepers led by Colin McGregor who are building on the success of recent years so as to return to the record numbers that were seen in the early 1970’s

In addition mixed bag days including pheasant,partridge and duck are available on the low ground.

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